Yacht Living: Couple braves the Chicago winter aboard a boat


Kevin Wright and Colette Gabriel are braving the Chicago winter subzero temperatures aboard their first yacht

It was something they always thought about doing – living on the water. When a developer knocked on the front door of their Lincoln Park home about a year ago and asked to buy the property, they took the plunge.

Kevin Wright and his wife Colette Gabriel now live on a boat. A 42 foot yacht, to be exact. Cygnet is docked at the River City Marina in Chicago’s South Loop – the one place where they can stay in the water year round.

I went out to talk with the couple for WGN Morning News – about why the decided to go this route, what the costs are like, and how they are surviving the sub-zero temperatures that we’re all suffering through right now.

The video is above. You can follow along with their blog where they write about all of their boating adventures – it’s WaterWeThinking.com.

What do you think? Would you ever consider doing something like this?

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