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VIDEO: Ride Millennium Falcon Smugglers Run at Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge

The wait is finally over! The first new Star Wars Galaxy's Edge land is opening to the public at Disneyland in California. Guests will get...

FROZEN FEVER Trailer: First look at new Disney short film

I have probably seen FROZEN 40 times. My kids are four and two, which means I either come home to LET IT GOOOOOO or...

Watch the “Duck Tales” intro remade with real ducks

  The title pretty much says it all. Oh My Disney has put together a shot for shot recreation of the Duck Tales into....featuring real...


SNL parodies ‘Maury’ in hilarious ‘Home Videos’ sketch

What happens to guests on the "who is the father?" episodes of Maury Povich later on in life? Do they live happily ever after? That's...