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Watch the Super Mario Bros. plumbing company commercial

The Super Bowl was packed full of advertisements for all of the new movies coming to theaters, but it's a commercial for a plumbing...

Super Mario Bros. 3 blanket is SIX YEARS in the making

It took him 800 hours. Over SIX YEARS. But his masterpiece is now complete. Computer programmer Kjetil Nordin of Denmark put his crochet skills to...

WATCH: Super Mario World meets Mortal Kombat

What would happen if Mortal Kombat's Shang Tsung found himself trapped in Super Mario World? These are the questions that keep the internet up at...


SNL parodies ‘Maury’ in hilarious ‘Home Videos’ sketch

What happens to guests on the "who is the father?" episodes of Maury Povich later on in life? Do they live happily ever after? That's...