LED water slide is the trippiest water park attraction yet


I’ve been on all kinds of water slides. Tube slides, drop slides, slides where the floor drops out, tornado slides, giant tube slides that fit what seems like 100 people – but an LED water slide?

I’ve never been on anything like this.

This is the “Black Hole” water slide in Bremerhaven, Germany. Back in 2012, they replaced their old tube slide and added a ton of LED lighting, creating one of the trippiest experiences you are likely to have at a water park anywhere in the world. Take a look…

Trippy waterslide will blow your mindTrippiest. Waterslide. Ever. This is the “Black Hole” water slide at the Bad 1 park in Bremerhaven, Germany. They replaced their old tube slide with this new tube featuring LED lighting effects in 2012. Far out, man.

Posted by Marcus Leshock on Monday, January 4, 2016

You can check out more water slide video at tubeslides.de and on their YouTube channel at TubeRides1.