This Snoopy plush at CVS is the hottest gift of the holiday season


Every few holiday seasons, something goes viral and becomes the hottest gift. One year it was Tickle Me Elmo. The Beanie Babies were huge for a few years. Go way back and you’ll find the Cabbage Patch Doll craze. This year has another unlikely hot gift.

A Snoopy plush in a puffer jacket that sells for $15 at CVS.

What’s the big deal? 

Snoopy has seen a resurgence as of late, especially on TikTok. There are multiple accounts with hundreds of thousands of followers who share clips of the famous Peanuts dog. And really, how can you not love Snoopy? He was the best when I was a kid, and apparently that has transferred to the next generation. When fans found the plush dog at CVS they started posting about it and it took off from there. Everyone wants to get their hands on one of these.

Mashable has a pretty good rundown of people trying to land the Snoopy plush. He comes with a puffer jacket and a winter hat. Some people are trying to resell these on eBay and other platforms. Not sure how much people are willing to pay for one, or if it’s more about the thrill of trying to track one down the old fashion way – in a store!

Here are a few tweets of people who have been lucky enough to find one.


It appears Snoopy is back and I am all for it. Good luck getting your hands on one of these!

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