First THE RISE OF SKYWALKER reactions are in after world premiere


Yesterday I told myself I wouldn’t look. I don’t need to know what the first viewers of the last movie in the Star Wars Skywalker saga thought about the movie. Do I?

Well guess what I did first thing when my alarm clock went off at 1:30am?

I rushed right to Twitter to see what all of those lucky people were thinking when they walked out of THE RISE OF SKYWALKER’s world premiere. Here’s a roundup of RISE OF SKYWALKER reactions.

First, some are just plain gushing about it.

Then, there are those who had a positive reaction, but you can tell that there was SOMETHING they didn’t like…


There’s the “it’s going to start a conversation with fans” reactions…which pretty much means some fans probably won’t be too happy?

And there are some who just didn’t like it at all..

But the biggest takeaway from all of the reactions I’m reading? A LOT happens in this movie. It sounds like we’re going to get a lot of plot. Personally, I’m happy to hear that there may be a lot of answers. Just have to remember to bring the notepad.


And whoever screwed up the hashtag for half of the night gets a special tip of the lightsaber!

I’ll leave it there. Some of the reactions are getting into details I didn’t want to know about. I’ll be seeing the movie in the “fan first screening” on Thursday, can’t wait to see how they wrap this all up!

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