Watch a BAT dive-bomb news anchors live on air


It’s a good morning, Tennessee! Unless you’re one of the news anchors at WATE, because there’s a good chance you will have a flying rat in your studio.

The “Good Morning Tennessee” team was interrupted by a bat flying around the studio right in the middle of their newscast. As you can imagine, it led to some hilarity. Turns out the studio is actually in an old mansion, more from

The home of WATE has long been the subject of local lore. Ghosts have been rumored to walk the halls of the Greystone mansion, but a new inhabitant took up residence in the rafters of our studio – a bat.

The bat caused chaos as we kicked off the 6:00 hour of Good Morning Tennessee.

“Out of nowhere the bat comes about this far from my face,” said GMT Anchor Tearsa Smith. “It dive bombed us and you could literally hear me screaming because we’re on TV and I get that and it’s a newscast, but I was gone!”

Fortunately for WATE, a company called Varmint Busters was able to capture the bat and release it into a “wooded area.”



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