Indianapolis Colts honor school shooting survivor Ella Whistler at training camp


“If we were all as tough as you, we’d probably win a bunch of Super Bowls.”

The Indianapolis Colts welcomed a special guest to their training camp this past Monday. 13 year-old Ella Whistler was shot seven times during the shooting at Noblesville West Middle School on May 25th. According to RTV6, Ella was “shot in the face, neck, hand, and upper chest area. She suffered collapsed lungs, a broken jaw, a broken clavicle, multiple broken neck vertebras, broken ribs, a severed vertebral vein, and significant nerve damage.”

Just a few months after the shooting and suffering all of those injuries, Ella and her family were able to visit Colts camp and even got a chance to go onto the field. Quarterback Andrew Luck invited her to help them finish practice. Ella counted to three and led the team in a loud “Ella Strong!”

The Colts posted the video on their Twitter account. You can see the video below.

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