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Fisherman catches record-breaking catfish with $20 rod from Walmart

Jeffrey Dill snagged one of the biggest flathead catfish in Virginia state history over the weekend. According to NBC 4, Dill and a friend went...

Beach volleyball practice is interrupted when a WHALE shows up

You don't see this every day. The Dynamic Volleyball Academy was holding their team practice on the beach on Fenwick Island, Delaware when they thought...

Funniest reactions to EATEN ALIVE Discovery Channel special

Like other death-defying TV stunts, the reaction to the EATEN ALIVE Discovery Channel special is better than the actual show     Naturalist Paul Rosolie captivated the...


Watch Tom Cruise fly James Corden in multiple fighter jets

First, he made him jump out of an airplane. Now, Tom Cruise got The Late Late Show host James Corden to ride in a...