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The David Bote Grand Slam is even better with Titanic music

Unfortunately I wake up at 1:30am every morning. That means when Max Scherzer is mowing down the Cubs, you go to sleep thinking you'll...

Watch the moment a service dog meets Pluto at Disney World

Every once in a while a video pops up that just makes you feel good. Last week, Julian Gavino took his service dog Atlas to...

What’s Trending on WGN Morning News – October 23, 2017

Hey there and happy Monday! Back to work today and I will have your trending news all morning on WGN Morning News. In case...


SNL parodies ‘Maury’ in hilarious ‘Home Videos’ sketch

What happens to guests on the "who is the father?" episodes of Maury Povich later on in life? Do they live happily ever after? That's...