The David Bote Grand Slam is even better with Titanic music


Unfortunately I wake up at 1:30am every morning. That means when Max Scherzer is mowing down the Cubs, you go to sleep thinking you’ll wake up to a loss.

Then you wake up and see the notification on your phone that says the Cubs beat the Nationals 4-3. You wonder how they were able to pull that off. You pull up the video.

My goodness.

Let’s talk about David Bote for a minute. A few weeks ago, the prospect nobody was talking about hit a ninth inning home run to tie the game agains the Diamondbacks. Then last night, he comes up with the bases loaded, down three runs and hits just the 29th ultimate Grand Slam in MLB history.

What a story.

If you missed the David Bote Grand Slam, here it is again in all of its glory.

And how could this moment be any better? If you add Titanic music to it, of course!

No matter what happens with the 2018 Chicago Cubs, this has to go down as one of the great regular season Cubs moments. What a night.

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