Watch Justin Timberlake’s FILTHY video featuring a futuristic dancing robot


Earlier this week, we told you about Justin Timberlake’s new album MAN OF THE WOODS. The trailer had JT running around bonfires, through cornfields, out in the elements. Pharrell Williams is on the trailer saying how “earthy” everything feels. I was expecting some kind of country vibe from his new music.


A futuristic dancing robot.

Last night Timberlake debuted his new single FILTHY and the reaction seems to be all over the place this morning. I will say that when I first watched it, I wasn’t sold on the song….but the more I’ve played it this morning, the more I’m digging it. FILTHY lacks a radio-friendly hook and stays in a steady groove that just falls over you. Again, it’s so against what I was expecting from this new album that it caught me off guard.

Checkout the FILTHY video here and scroll down for some of the reaction that was hitting Twitter this morning…

Here is some of the reaction coming in….

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