Watch ‘Star Wars’ fans recreate ‘The Empire Strikes Back’


It took 480 “Star Wars” fans sending in more than 1,500 submissions recreating different scenes from “The Empire Strikes Back.” Now they have all been assembled into one long version – the entire film recreated shot for shot. From the YouTube description…

The project launched in 2013, with fans claiming 15-second scenes to reimagine as they saw fit – resulting in sequences created with everything from action figures to cardboard props to stunning visual effects. Helmed by Casey Pugh, who oversaw 2010’s Emmy-winning Star Wars Uncut, the new film has a wonderful homemade charm, stands as an affectionate tribute to The Empire Strikes Back, and is a testament to the talent, imagination, and dedication of Star Wars fans.

Here we go. Block out a few hours. “Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back Uncut”……


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