EAT IT: Pulled Pork Q-Style Sandwich at Q-BBQ


I sort-of accidentally started this Barbecue Breakfast segment on the WGN Morning News. By accidentally, I mean “how can I figure out a way to get barbecue on so early in the morning?” It started with having the ManBQue guys show us some breakfast recipes on the grill. Next week, it’ll have me visiting Q-BBQ in Lakeview, where they say their Q is so good, you can eat it any time of the day. We’ll see.

Above you’ll see the Q-Style sandwich, which consists of their pulled pork, blue cheese and slaw on a toasted bun. We’ll also find out how they smoke their brisket, a process that takes more than 20 HOURS.

Tune into WGN Morning News on Monday for the full story. I’ll post it here after it airs!

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