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Mr. Six returns in Saturday Night Live’s Six Flags sketch

He's back. Kind of. Do you remember the Mr. Six character from the Six Flags commercials? The bald man with the big glass in the tuxedo...

Watch the first I AM CHRIS FARLEY trailer

"Everybody cries through this, right?" Bob Sagat puts it best in the first I AM CHRIS FARLEY trailer, the new documentary about the comedian's life....

SNL rips Scientology with Neurotology music video

If you've seen Alex Gibney's "Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief" documentary, the church's "We Stand Tall" music video was probably stuck...

SNL Schoolhouse Rock parody spoofs Obama’s executive order

  A funny SNL cold open?! I guess it depends on which side of the issue you're on. Last weekend's Saturday Night Live opened with a...

Jim Carrey spoofs Matthew McConaughey’s Lincoln ads on SNL

  We got to see a few things on this week's "Saturday Night Live." One was a whole bunch of people doing a terrible impression...


Watch Tom Cruise fly James Corden in multiple fighter jets

First, he made him jump out of an airplane. Now, Tom Cruise got The Late Late Show host James Corden to ride in a...