Watch real TOPGUN instructors react to the action in “Top Gun: Maverick”


If you’ve seen “Top Gun: Maverick,” you know the action in the movie is absolutely spectacular.

The sequel to the 1986 classic follows Pete “Maverick” Mitchell as he heads back to TOPGUN to train the next generation of pilots. They’re preparing for a seemingly impossible mission.

The movie features actual jets, flown by real-life U.S. Navy pilots, performing pulse-pounding maneuvers. All of it plays out on screen – giving us, the audience, the closest feeling we will get to actually flying in the cockpit.

But as I watched the movie, I kept wondering how realistic all of this was – especially the mission. Can these jets actually do the things the movie was telling us they can do? Would the U.S. Navy ever attempt a mission like this, and is this really how they would try to do it?

The Fighter Pilot Podcast answers pretty much all of those questions in their latest episode. They took a group of real-life TOPGUN instructors and Navy pilots to a screening of the movie, then sat them down for a 45 minute discussion afterwards.

If you loved “Top Gun: Maverick” this is an absolutely must-watch discussion. I could listen to these pilots tell stories about what it’s like to fly this aircraft all day long.

You can watch the TOPGUN instructors react to all of the action in “Top Gun: Maverick” in the video below. And subscribe to their podcast here. 

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