John Cena visits boy battling terminal illness

John Cena visits home of 7 year-old battling life threatening illness

WWE superstar John Cena has granted more Make-A-Wish wishes than any other person. It appears he isn't slowing down. Yesterday WFLA-TV in Tampa, Florida reported the story of 7 year-old David Castle who is currently...

I love our cat…even if he’s plotting my demise

I will admit, I was the hesitant one in the house when it came to getting a cat. My wife has always been all about it...but I was the one dragging my feet. But...


SNL parodies ‘Maury’ in hilarious ‘Home Videos’ sketch

What happens to guests on the "who is the father?" episodes of Maury Povich later on in life? Do they live happily ever after? That's...